Our Organic Farms which are located in the Northern Indian state of Uttarakhand/Himachal Pradesh/North Eastern part & other regions of India . Ourfarms are certified “Organic” by control union certifications and complies to NPOPand NOP (US) Organic standards.We are an Organic Produce farms dedicated to producing the Highest Quality product for our Customers. Following strict Organic growing methods we have been producing a wide variety of Superfood,Rice,Wheat,Pulses,Oils,Dry Fruits,Spices and many other Organic Products.

At Our Farming Units, We follow Ancient Natural Methods of farming practices, which has effective solutions for pest control and soil Nutrition enrichment. Our Certified Organic Produce does not contain any genetically modified Organism. It is Non-GMO. Our Farmers take care of the soil where they produce will grow. Our Produce is grown without using Harmful Chemicals, Pesticides or Synthetic Fertilizers. So you know you are eating real food that was Sowed, Planted, Grown, and Harvested Naturally. We aim to build the most sustainable system of Agriculture, and be self-dependant for Agricultural Inputs. All our Pest Controlling remedies are prepared inside Our Farming units with local inputs like Cow Manure, Herbs etc.

Our Farmers Organic Farming systems stress on natural bio cycles, crop rotations, use of Natural resources for Production and Pest Management. These systems also apply Natural Laws like Lunar and Solar Rhythms.

Our Farmers follow Organic Agriculture in these States are an organized and Innovative approach to Rejuvenate Hill Agriculture. Several State Programs have been dedicated towards Organic Farming through Technology Demonstrations and Models Creations. As the Organic regime is Entirely an Alternative System, All Support Systems like Production Protocols, Delivery Mechanisms, Guarantee Systems, Product Development, Market Initiatives and Consumer reach all needed Alternative Software in Many areas along with alternative Hardware.

The use of Chemicals has on hand Delivered Excess Production of food grains for the growing population but on the other hand posses a number of Economical, Ecological and Health Concerning Challenges.

Chemicals in the form of Pesticide Residue in Vegetables, Fruit and Cereals play Havoc in the human body. Chemicals in the form of fertilizer inhibit Natural Plant Growth and Food is devoid of Vital Nutrients. Chemicals in Water, Air and Soil cause Pollution affecting us indirectly.

Our Farms are symbol of all Organic Products being produced by farmers from all over the state through a number of products. These promote Income generation for deprived groups with technology transfer and the State Government Initiative for Ecological Governance and Economic Sustainability plan.

  • Safe Guarding You and Your Family from Toxic Chemicals,
  • Helping a Deprived Farmer Group Economically
  • Participating In a Moment for a More Responsible Society.

Our Organic farms in the Himalayan states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim has been constant since a decade. Sikkim won the ‘race’ and is now fully Organic. Sikkim state government bodies got a lot of awards recently Including one from the UN. Most areas of Uttarakhand is by default Organic and No water can match Ganga or other Waterfalls which are used for irrigating field as it is very good for crops.Uttarakhand is a lucrative destination for Plantations because of its Hilly Landscape, Climate and remote Ecosystem.

We are your farmer. We are Hands-on Growing Each and Every Crop from Our Farm. Our passion is Growing the Food that you will put on the Table for Your Own Family to Enjoy. We Love Growing Organic because we Ourselves Eat Organic. We will not Farm Any Other Way.