Most of us, in our school days, were told to munch on a handful of soaked almonds to improve our memory or eat a few dates for breakfast. Mothers and grandmothers would religiously soak, grind and blend a combination of dry fruits to be added to milk and fed to toddlers. These would be based on recipes passed on to them through generations for achieving weight gain and immunity for young children. Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, dates, raisins etc. are traditionally known to be a powerhouse of nutrients.

They are said to provide us with a host of health benefiting properties, if eaten in moderation. However, they should not be confused with the candied fruits that are less fruit and more of a sugar bomb. Such candied fruits can do more harm than good as they are loaded with sugar, so one must be careful before consuming any such things.

Here is a list of our Organic six commonly available and super nurtritius dry fruist with us that should be consumed every day for all the health benefits that they possess.


An everyday dry fruit you should never skip. One of the most commonly consumed dry-fruits, almonds have several health benefits for people across age-groups. Here are a few reasons on why you should munch on a handful of almonds every single day.


A powerhouse of goodness, walnuts is loaded with health benefiting properties. Including walnuts in your diet everyday can have several health benefits. These brown and crunchy delights are a treat to the taste buds. Whether you use them in salads or in desserts, walnuts taste good in almost all forms.

Brazil Nuts

This South American nut has a long list of health benefits which make it fit for consumption regularly. Apart from improving digestion, brazil nuts are also known to boost immunity. If you wish to enhance your skin's overall health, then bring Brazil nuts to your rescue.


Don’t miss your date with this Iron-rich dried fruit. Talk about winters and this gooey yet super-delicious dry fruit comes to mind. This wholesome and nourishing delight can be savoured in any form, be it dessert or as a snack as well.


The dried version of the beautiful orange fruit is full of antioxidants and good for your skin too. Loaded with the goodness of vitamin A, apricots could help in enhancement of vision. Other than this, it also helps keep the immune system in check.

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are nutritionally much the same as other nuts: they are high in fat (around 50 percent), rich in vitamin E and a good source of minerals, particularly magnesium and zinc. While high in fat, all nuts are ranked highly for their healthy unsaturated fats