Simply Jaivik,is formed in 2020 with the vision and mission to deliver the best of Organic food, for the betterment of health and lives of Mankind. Simply Jaivik,is 100% brand owned and marketed by Asian Roots Overseas .Asian Roots Overseas is a reputable and well trusted organic food exporter/Importer and distributor in India.

At Simply Javik, you will find an exhaustive variety of certified Organic products.Sourced from all the major parts of India such as Uttarakhand/Madhya Pradesh/Rajasthan/Kerala/Karnataka /North East/ Lakshdeep/Tamil Nadu/Uttar Pradesh and other locations of India.

We offers the right balance of life, health and beauty. Dependence on Nature leads us to discover our Creator, and to live a healthier, fuller life.

Simply Jaivik,offers a range of products that are truly unique and distinguished. We have products spanning a wide array of certified either Organic or All-Natural. We pride ourselves on being able to cater to your holistic wellbeing, and we carry an exhaustive range of organic and macrobiotic foods, health supplements, Indian Pulses & Lentis,High quality herbs & spices.Best collection of super food and health products are among the very best in the world, brought about by painstaking research, and with regional representations. Prices are very moderate as part of its health mission.


Practicing good business ethics and with full commitment to deliver the best to our customers, we assure you that our organic products stay organic from source (i.e. Organically grown in the farms) to the processing of the final products, right down to packing and repacking.

We at Simply Jaivik is committed to the excellence of health and the environment, our sacrifices dedicated to the health of the nations. Most of our health problems come from nutrition. Prevention is better than cure. Selecting the right food and water helps to restore, maintain and build health, beauty and vigour.


We can supply to a wide distribution channel of supermarkets, pharmacies, health food stores, bakeries, hotels & restaurants . We also do private labels for our customers. We welcome distributors, dealers and organic store operators to carry exclusively our brand at point .

If you are interested in for business purposes, do contact us at 0091-9910410419 ( Nishant Maheshwari)

Our house brand is Simply Jaivik for all basic organic food products and Asian Foods for non organic food products.

All our products are being exported by Asian Roots Overseas ( India ) .